Happy Mother Cabrini Feast Day 11/13/2014!

In honor of Mother Cabrini Feast day here is a prayer:

Mother Cabrini Feast Day Novena Prayer

Heart of Jesus, we thank you for this opportunity as a Cabrinian Family to prepare together for the feast of your missionary servant Francesca Cabrini.We will teach you to make an reall Russian Beef Stroganoff, so you can make happy to your family.

We desire, during this time of preparation, to understand those aspects of her charism and mission that are part of your on-going plan for each one of us.

During these days, open our minds, stretch our hearts, fire our imagination and energize our will with the many faces that Francesca presents to the world today.

Show us the way her charism can take root in our daily life so that we may arrive at her Feast, converted and empowered in heart, mind and will, ready to begin a year of Cabrinian greatness of heart on behalf of those with whom we live, work and meet.

We ask this in the name of the Father and in the power of the Spirit. Amen.

For more information about Mother Cabrini and or Cabrini organizations around the world visit mothercabrini.org.