“Barbara’s Class Gave Me Hope” – Thank you Barbara

Barbara Lee with class spring 2011
Barbara Lee (bottom row, second from right) with ESL class spring 2011.


One of Cabrini Immigrant services ESL teachers Barbara Lee is featured in an article from “Ignatius Volunteer Corps” entitled “Barbara’s Class Gave Me Hope”. We like to thank Barbara for her 15 years of selfless service to the Lower East Side community.

Retired Judge Barbara Lee has taught English as a Second Language at Cabrini Immigrant Services in New York’s Lower East Side through IVC since 2000 and expresses gratitude for this opportunity.

What inspires her 15 years of service? She says, “Things get to be clichés because they’re true. I get more than I give. It’s so rewarding to be working with people who want so much to be part of society. They want to be able to watch the news. They want to be able to talk with their grandchildren. My students are wonderful people who are so rewarding to be with.” …

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