• We offer English classes:

    • These courses are offered in a variety of levels and are geared for speakers of any native language who have a desire to learn English. Teachers are experienced, enthusiastic, and patient.

  • We offer citizenship classes:

    • This course is available in English and aims to prepare students to take the citizenship test, which requires a basic understanding of U.S. civics and history as well as an elementary level of English.

  • We offer computer classes:

    • This course is meant to introduce learners to basic computer functions such as turning the machine on, using email, and understanding keyboard and mouse controls. No prior experience with computers is necessary.

Classes are offered at different times throughout the year.

For information about English and citizenship classes, contact the English Second Language Coordinator, Joy Haas, at 212.791.4590 extension 101 or Joy Haas’s office hours are Monday through Wednesday, 9am-3pm.

For information about Spanish and computer classes, contact our Office Manager at 212.791.4590 extension 100 or