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In response to President Obama’s plan for Immigrant families – “Beginning to Feel Relief”


It is safe to say that people, who have not lived it, cannot understand the depth of the fear and insecurity of daily life of immigrants without status.  The consistent fear of deportation of themselves or a family member is overwhelming.   Now, thanks to the executive action of President Obama, the families in our community and millions of people across this nation will begin to feel relief. They will be able to take their place at the table of shared humanity and membership in the American society.

Cabrini Immigrant Services and the members of our Cabrini community salute this executive order. However, this is not enough.  We are still waiting for a comprehensive immigration reform to be approved by our Congress; a reform which includes protection of all hard working immigrants who are still living in fear, in the shadows, and in many cases exploited in their workplaces.

Cabrini Immigrant Services also wants to warn immigrant families against the threat of unauthorized practice of law by unqualified practitioners. Only attorneys or Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives should be assisting immigrants with their applications for relief. Please note that the executive action will not take place until 2015.  Cabrini will be ready to assist immigrants eligible for relief with reliable, high quality legal services. Any question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.



Es válido decir que la gente que no lo ha vivido, no puede entender el miedo profundo y la inseguridad que los inmigrantes, sin estatus migratorio,  experimentan en su vida diaria.  El temor constante de que alguno de sus familiares o ellos mismos sea deportado es abrumador. Ahora, gracias a la acción ejecutiva del presidente Obama, las familias de nuestra comunidad y millones de personas en toda nuestra nación empezarán a sentir un alivio. Ellos tendrán la oportunidad de tomar su lugar en la mesa de nuestra sociedad y recuperar algo de su dignidad.

Cabrini Immigrant  Services y los miembros de nuestra comunidad saludamos esta orden ejecutiva. Sin embargo, esto no es suficiente. Seguimos a la espera de una reforma migratoria integral que ser aprobada por nuestro Congreso; una reforma que incluya la protección de todos los inmigrantes que trabajan duro y que todavía viven en el miedo, en las sombras, y que en muchos casos son explotados en sus lugares de trabajo.

Cabrini Immigrant Services también quiere advertir a las familias de inmigrantes en contra de la amenaza de fraudes por práctica no autorizada de la ley inmigración y por practicantes no calificados e inescrupulosos . Sólo los abogados o los representantes acreditados de la Junta de Apelaciones de Inmigración (BIA) están debidamente calificados para asistir a los inmigrantes con sus procesos de inmigración. Tenga en cuenta que la acción ejecutiva no se implementara  hasta el 2015. Cabrini estará listo para ayudar a los inmigrantes elegibles para el alivio con servicios legales confiables y de alta calidad. Cualquier pregunta o inquietud por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

“Barbara’s Class Gave Me Hope” – Thank you Barbara

Barbara Lee with class spring 2011
Barbara Lee (bottom row, second from right) with ESL class spring 2011.


One of Cabrini Immigrant services ESL teachers Barbara Lee is featured in an article from “Ignatius Volunteer Corps” entitled “Barbara’s Class Gave Me Hope”. We like to thank Barbara for her 15 years of selfless service to the Lower East Side community.

Retired Judge Barbara Lee has taught English as a Second Language at Cabrini Immigrant Services in New York’s Lower East Side through IVC since 2000 and expresses gratitude for this opportunity.

What inspires her 15 years of service? She says, “Things get to be clichés because they’re true. I get more than I give. It’s so rewarding to be working with people who want so much to be part of society. They want to be able to watch the news. They want to be able to talk with their grandchildren. My students are wonderful people who are so rewarding to be with.” …

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Happy Mother Cabrini Feast Day 11/13/2014!

In honor of Mother Cabrini Feast day here is a prayer:

Mother Cabrini Feast Day Novena Prayer

Heart of Jesus, we thank you for this opportunity as a Cabrinian Family to prepare together for the feast of your missionary servant Francesca Cabrini.We will teach you to make an reall Russian Beef Stroganoff, so you can make happy to your family.

We desire, during this time of preparation, to understand those aspects of her charism and mission that are part of your on-going plan for each one of us.

During these days, open our minds, stretch our hearts, fire our imagination and energize our will with the many faces that Francesca presents to the world today.

Show us the way her charism can take root in our daily life so that we may arrive at her Feast, converted and empowered in heart, mind and will, ready to begin a year of Cabrinian greatness of heart on behalf of those with whom we live, work and meet.

We ask this in the name of the Father and in the power of the Spirit. Amen.

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